Accident Recovery

Involved in an Accident? Our Accident Recovery Team Can Help – (323) 798-9102

We genuinely wish that you have not been involved in an accident. In the event you did, and you need assistance in taking your vehicle off the side of the road, you may want to contact us. Our accident recovery team works round the clock to help motorists to get to safety and arrive home after a difficult situation.

Our mission is to be as helpful and efficient when helping you during time of need on the road. We hope that our services are able to relieve your stress with our prompt and friendly towing skills. We will do what we can to move your automobile to a repair shop, your garage at home or any other location you require.

Timely Assistance During Difficult Times

Whether it is a wreck or a wicked curve that it’s a fender-bender or a wreck that damaged your automobile, there’s not much in life that is more discomfiting than being in an accident. You need to stay calm at the scene if possible. Do check the conditions of passengers if you are able to. Call the traffic police and exchange all contact information and insurance with other drivers involved in the accident. If there are witnesses, obtain the contact information as well if they are willing to provide to you.

When your automobile is immobilized, call for our service. ​We provide accident recovery services in most Los Angeles areas. Our team is able to handle difficult recoveries as well as roadside assistance such as flat tire change, ditch recovery and more.

Reliability Matters

People are stress and panic when being involved in an accident. When you request for emergency assistance, we can provide the quality service even at urgent times. Time and again we have been called to these situations. Rest assured that you or the vehicle will be safe and treated carefully. Our towing team has the experience to handle different roadside situations. We take priority over your safety, as well as friendly customer service. Let us save you the anxiety and frustration from an accident.

Accident Recovery - Fox Towing Los Angeles

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