Challenges and Difficulties Tow Truck Drivers Face on the Job

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April 21, 2018
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Handling a vehicle breakdown is never easy. However, with towing companies, you can call for one of the service providers and ask them to assist you in picking up your vehicle. Even though this seems relatively simple for the owner of the broken down vehicle, in reality, there are actually a lot of challenges and hazards behind the tasks performed by the towing operator.

Occupational hazards exist in different industries and jobs, and this is no exception for towing. The following are some of the challenges that tow truck drivers face during their works:

Poor and Reckless Driving From Other Drivers

This is arguably the biggest challenge faced by towing operators in staying safe when loading vehicles on the road. Poor, reckless driving not only cause dangers to themselves but others on the road. Not only will these drivers knock the tow trucks, they sometimes accidentally hit the towing operators which can cause serious injuries or even deaths. Curved roads, mountain roads or freeways can add the acuteness of the irresponsible driving.

Driving Safely in Various Road Situations

Tow truck drivers have to have a sharp awareness of the road situations they are in; they need to be wary of the potential dangers. Roads and freeways can be treacherous to both vehicles and tow trucks. Debris, falling rocks, potholes, animals or reckless drivers, these are potential factors contributing the harm and damage to the people working on the roads.


Tow truck companies may offer towing or roadside assistance services that need to operate 24 hours a day. Although no driver will ever need to withstand a 24-hour shift, however, some tow truck drivers may need to work long night shifts or day shifts. This may take a toll on both their physical and mental stamina.

When drivers are tired, it will be difficult for them to concentrate as well compared to rested and refreshed tow truck drivers. Therefore, for the same hazards, they are dealing with, exhausted drivers may be less responsive to imminent dangers and overlook them.

Most tow truck drivers know their limits and will avoid working with fatigue, but it is still one of the negative aspects that is part and parcel of the job itself.

Angry Vehicle Owners

Some towing companies deal with repossessions or impound towing. As a result, tow truck drivers may face the wrath of these vehicle or car owners when they do the towing. Some of these irate people will turn violent, making the works of tow truck drivers extremely difficult. In rare but extreme cases, these owners will try to drive their vehicles away even when they secured or attached to the tow trucks. This can be very dangerous to all parties involved.

Extreme Weathers

Driving in poor weather conditions is never a pleasant experience. Heavy rainstorms or fog can make driving difficult, needless to say, the challenge increases with driving a tow truck hauling a vehicle behind it. The risks in such weather condition are high, thus tow truck drivers have to stay focused in such circumstances.

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