Compton Towing

Stuck in Compton, have no fear! Compton Towing is here!

Here at Compton Towing, we are THE towing provider for all roadside assistance and towing services here in the area of Compton. From short mileage tows all the way to long distance towing, we have got you covered! Compton Towing is the #1 trusted towing company in the area of Compton, not only by residents but also many big name auto-clubs who are often in need of a reliable service provider. Big name insurances such as Geico, All-State and Agero! Simply put, when it’s time to make the call, EVERYONE puts their trust in the hands of Compton Towing.

Compton TowingOur company even offers top-notch roadside assistance services for things like: Jump Starts, Tire Changes, Lockout Services and Gas Deliveries! Be sure to give us a call today to order a service call appointment from one of our friendly dispatchers whom can be of great assistance to you! Our dispatchers are trained to get down all of the necessary information to be able to provide you with a tow truck or roadside assistance service as soon as possible!

When we say soon, we mean SOON! On average a waiting time of about 25-30 minutes! Insanely FAST compared to other towing companies. Often times many other towing companies don’t honor their waiting times and you are left their frustrated without contact from the driver who is on their way. Not us us. When you order a towing or roadside service from us, you will not only be getting the towing and roadside assistance requested; but a promise: a promise to honor our waiting times and ensure that you will be fully happy with our services, post-service call. We make grand strides in ensuring your complete and total satisfaction. Here at Compton Towing, to put in simply; we care. Go with a towing and roadside company that cares.

Feel free to call our number at (323) 798-9102!

Why don’t you give us a call NOW! We are available at all times of the day and night, wherever you need us. Our dispatch technicians will be able to answer all of your questions in addition to being able to set you up an appointment for a service call. Go with a trusted and tried service and go with the boys here at Compton Towing. We’ll get you out of your predicament with ease and all at an affordable price compared to other towing companies in the area!