Exotic Car Towing

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What is an exotic car?

An exotic car is any car that turns heads, even at an auto show. It is a modern marvel that exemplifies dynamic design coupled with exhilarating performace.
It is a thing of unparalleled beauty and an object of desire.
In other words, an exotic car is a vehicle you cannot afford….to trust tu just ANY towing company.
Fox Towing Los Angeles, the first name in Los Angeles Exotic Car Towing and Transportation, has delivered more concept cars and new prototype vehicles to L.A. sound stages and studios than all the other local towing companies combined. Advertisers, production houses, and automotive professionals choose Fox Towing because we baby these show cars like there’s no tomorrow.

What is a luxury car?

A Rolls Royce is the ultimate luxury car, and the Bentley is a close second. To some people, a Mercedes and a BMW are considered luxury cars. We have towed more luxury cars than you’ll see on a good day in Beverly Hills. Fox Towing is the one towing service in Los Angeles that can be trusted with the types of cars that L.A. is famous for.

What about my car?

The good news is, Fox Towing can give your vehicle the same white-glove treatment we’ve been giving Bugatti Chirons, Maserati’s, Dodge Vipers, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches. We baby your car more than you do. We love cars, especially fancy-shmancy shiney cars that cost an arm and a leg, but we also love old classic cars and antique cars. Whether you have a Ferrari or a Fiesta, Fox Towing will tow it with the utmost care and attention to detail. Let us baby your car, baby.

Trustworthy Towing Los Angeles

The major studios around Hollywood trust Fox Towing to get their latest models and their iconic cars to and from film shoots. We’ve towed the General E. Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard, as well as all those “show” cars that line the streets of reality TV shows.

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When you want your exotic, luxury, concept, or pricey car to arrive in BETTER condition than it left in, call Fox Towing, Los Angeles’ only Towing Company to the Stars!