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January 20, 2016
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Wheel Lift TowingIf you live in Los Angeles, you’ve probably seen our tow trucks roam your streets before. From tow truck drivers who are going to the customers and tow truck drivers who are driving customers to their destination, you’ve at some point in your residence here have seen one of our tow trucks. If you’ve seen our tow trucks, you’d know that they vary in sizes, shape and function. Let’s take a look and see the pros and cons of both flatbed and wheel lift towing trucks:

Flatbed Towing vs. Wheel Lift Towing

Flatbed Tow TrucksWheel Lift Tow Trucks
Safe Secured TowingMore Versatile and Convenient
Tows Vehicle Completely Off GroundCan Tow in Tight Spots
Tows All-Wheel(4×4) Drive CarsCan Tow Non-Neutral Cars
Perfect for Lowered CarsCompact for Low Clearance Tows

As you can see, both vehicles have their own forte but it’s best that when you call our company, that you provide us with clear and detailed information about your car. Information about your car will be useful for us to determine the needs of your vehicle. Information that are useful for us include:

  • What wheel drive is the vehicle? (ie. rear wheel drive, front wheel drive, all wheel drive)
  • What is the make, model and year of the location? (ie. Nissan Sentra 2009, Chevy Volt 2013, Mecredes e350 2011)
  • Is there anything preventing us from conducting a normal tow? (ie low clearance, car has no tires, car can’t go in neutral)

These and a combination of other information you can provide for us regarding your vehicle and it’s current predicament will help us determine the type of services your vehicle will require from us. Call us today at (323) 798-9102 to discuss more about what services our tow trucks can provide for you.

Call (323) 798-9102 today for Flatbed or Wheel Lift Towing Services

Flatbed Towing Los AngelesWhether you need a flatbed or a wheel lift tow truck for your car, give us a call today and provide us with information to get your car back on the road, so that you can return back to your lives. it’s never ideal to need a tow truck, but when you do, we’re here for you. Call (323) 798-9102 to speak with a representative of Fox Towing Los Angeles today and receive a tow from the highest rated tow truck company in Los Angeles.

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