Heavy Duty Towing Los Angeles

Heavy Duty Towing Los Angeles is your #1 source of heavy duty towing in the Los Angeles areas. From the South Bay to the San Fernando Valley, heavy duty towing in LA can be sought out and brought to your in moments! We now operate and provide heavy duty tow trucks in the city of Los Angeles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We bring forth the good name of Heavy Duty Towing Los Angeles to you, so that you can travel assured that our services are available daily.

Heavy Duty Towing Los Angeles24-Hour Heavy Duty Towing Los Angeles

Heavy Duty Towing is reserved for vehicles that extends beyond the 26,000 lbs weight capacity of vehicles. If you drive an commute in a car, van or truck, chances are, you’ll need either a light duty or medium tow. However, If you’re driving a semi-truck, cargo truck, steam roller, bulldozer, firetruck, ambulance or even a boat trailer, you’re going to need a heavy duty towing technician to come to your location and provide you with a Heavy Duty Towing Los Angeles today!

Los Angeles Heavy Duty TowingHeavy Duty Winch Out Services

We’ve encountered a necessary for winch out services for cars, vans and trucks, but to larger vehicles totaling 26,000 lbs or more, it could happen as well. For semi trucks and their lengths, it’s difficult to maneuver them around trees and planters, and they can get stuck on curbs as well. For fire trucks and other heavier similar vehicles, it’s difficult to get traction when they’re on sand, or dirt and even gravel, and our heavy duty towing and winch out services can come out and provide your vehicle with a winch to get it out of it’s predicament.

Other types of Heavy Duty Vehicles include:

  • Concrete transport truck
  • Cement mixer
  • Mobile crane
  • Dump truck
  • Garbage truck
  • Log carrier
  • Refrigerator truck
  • Tractor unit
  • Tank truck
  • Food Trucks
  • Oversize loads

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