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December 9, 2015
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December 14, 2015
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Having trouble with your vehicle? Don’t know what is? Most likely going to need a towing service but don’t want to wait real long wait or have real high prices?

Don’t worry we can help with that here at la towing we can help tow any type of vehicle we do offer light duty towing as well as medium and heavy duty towing we can help with pretty much any vehicle of heavy equipment. We also offer roadside assistance if that also something your looking for.

We also have winch out services for those in need of just an easy pull out from anything you happen to be stuck on. Like i mentioned we have different types of towing services don’t know which one you might need well let me try to help you so you could have an idea before calling. Light duty towing consist of two different types of tow trucks we have our easy wheel lift to truck that is the tow trucks that lift your vehicle from either the front end of the vehicle or the back end of your vehicle.

Heavy Duty Towing

This tow truck can handle any easy towing as well this tow truck will be needed for any low structure clearance to fit in any small alleys or any of that sort. We also have our flatbed tow trucks that help us out with vehicles a little more complicated like usually bigger trucks or bigger SUV that are all wheel drive will be a flatbed needed or motorcycles as well or even really low vehicles or any type of easy but more complicated vehicles.

But don’t forget we also assist with medium and heavy duty towing and this basically a job for any vehicle our light duty cant handle , like for example a medium duty would be like a passenger van, a cargo van, even just a small forklift, or anything of that sort.

And our heavy duty tow trucks can handle basically anything from box trucks, to tractors or tractors with trailers, or any big machinery would fall under the heavy duty towing. But like i mention Los Angeles Towing is not all we help you with here we also help to assist you with any roadside service you might need like for example, a car lock out, fuel delivery, tire changes, and of course jump starts and just in case your battery doesn’t work at all we go ahead and do battery replacement what this is basically we go buy your battery come  to you and install it and your ready to go.

Have any more questions will be happy to assist you. But wait there we also have another service we offer its called our winch out service what this service is pretty much we help pull your vehicle or any type of machinery out of anything it might happen to be stuck on like for example, out in the sandy beaches, in mud , even grass  just give us a call and will be happy to go and give you a hand.

our 24 Hour Towing Los Angeles.

We are open 24 hours a day everyday we never close just to help you we have professional certified drivers and dispatcher waiting on your call to help and assist you any time of the day so give us a call at (323) 798-9102

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