Motorcycle Towing

Honestly, traffic is not where we want to spend our lives and what better way to avoid it than to zip through cars on a motorcycle. We enjoy nothing more than riding our bikes in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, they are not always without error, so they can leave us stranded from time to time. At Fox Towing Los Angeles, we provide transport and tow services to everything from top of the line luxury bikes, to every day commute bikes. We also have services for scooters and other small motorized vehicles. Our specialized flatbeds are equipped to handle just about any transport. We pride ourselves on having the best service in all of greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

What Services Do We Provide?

We care about our bikes and we know how much they mean to you, so we would definitely understand your need to have it handled well and properly cared for, whether it’s in pristine condition or wrecked. Our process is not lengthy; however, we take our time in order to reduce any errors.

We start by assessing the situation to see if there is anything wrong that may have been overlooked. We then will determine a way to roll your bike onto the bed slowly while keeping it in the proper position for loading. If necessary we may have to have two technicians on site. This additional driver will be accounted for in the estimated price. In some cases the bike will no longer be able to stand alone which would require the second hand to make sure the load goes smoothly.

We use soft straps to gently secure your bike to the flatbed as to keep your bike from incurring further damages. We also have low clearance trucks available if you happen to be in a parking structure. All of our technicians have extensive knowledge in motorcycle towing that has been developed over years of service. We give you our word that your bike will always be in the best hands.

What if I’m not Satisfied with the Service?

Keep in mind that we work for you and your well-being and safety is most important. If the unlikely event occurs that you are unsatisfied with your transport, we won’t go home until you are completely content with our work. You can rest assured, because our trained technicians have all licenses required and we have full coverage insurance. We never push your bike beyond its limits during the loading process. If you are uncomfortable with one of our methods, we will work to find a solution that best suits you. At our dispatch headquarters, we call our clients after every tow to make sure that their service was adequate and successful.

What Sets Us Apart from the Other Towing Companies?

We are the leading 24-hour full service towing company providing almost perfect roadside assistance and vehicle transportation throughout all of Valencia, Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, San Fernando Valley, Greater Los Angeles and all other surrounding areas. We strive to make this process as least stressful as possible because you’re already in a tough spot and the last thing you want to hear is a rude service provider.

Our friendly customer care professionals are ready to answer any and all questions that will help further assist you in making a decision that best fits your vehicle. Our dispatchers are LIVE 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your call, at our call center; you will not ever hear an automated dispatcher or a voicemail recording. We prefer to give you REAL people who truly understand the humanity in your situation and can specifically pin point your need in the most thorough way possible. At Fox Towing, we are absolutely dedicated to our customers.

Motorcycle Towing

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