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Winch Out Services
November 17, 2015
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November 23, 2015
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Motorcycle Towing

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, changes are, with statistics being accurate, you might be amongst a motorcycles presence about three times a day minimum. You yourself may be driving a motorcycle and if that’s the case, we look forward to the day that you may need a tow. Not that Los Angeles Motorcycle Towing would want anything to happen to you, but when it does, you’ll be assisted, just like the other thousands that we’ve towed in the past. Call (323) 798-9102 for more information regarding these motorcycle towing services in LA and talk to a friendly office dispatcher about getting services done for you!

Los Angeles Motorcycle Towing Services

Los Angeles Motorcycle TowingIf there’s nothing wrong with your motorcycle, scooter or ATV, but you’d like to move it from one place to another, without it going on the road and getting dirty tires, we can transport the vehicle for you, preventing dirtiness to your vehicle. Our transport services for luxury and nicer motorcycles will be transported on a flat, where they’ll be cared for a harmless transport. Not that our wheel lifts couldn’t do it. We just like to give the customer a piece of mind.

How to Tow Motorcycles

Los Angeles Motorcycle Towing are considered light-duty towing in Los Angeles. Motorcycles, Scooters, ATVs and mopeds are all considered light duty towing, and for these, we can use our light duty flatbeds to tow your vehicles. Using either a flatbed tow truck or a wheel lift tow truck, we can tow you! Our tows are always secured and pose no threat to your vehicle, even if it was in accident. If your motorcycle is heavier and rolled into a ditch, our tow trucks are able to provide winch out services your bike for you! We’ll stand your bike up or lay it down, whatever’s appropriate for the situation of the bike, and maneuver it onto the top of the tow truck, safely, and secure it down so that your motorcycle will not sustain any more damages.

If you’re looking for the only affordable towing service for your motorcycle in the Los Angeles area, Los Angeles Motorcycle Towing is going to be the only 24-hour available service that you could ever hope to find.


Call Los Angeles Motorcycle Towing today at (323) 798-9102

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