Stephanie Basertoe – 4/11/2010: Finding a reliable towing company is not as easy as I thought, especially at 2am. After calling a few companies I quickly found out they were taking advantage of the desperate situation we were in being stranded at this time. This company was fast, friendly, and very reasonably priced. They showed up quickly and made sure my car, my kids, and I were safe home before leaving. Thanks for your great service guys!

Stuart Wise – 5/28/2010: My car was recently totaled, and it was just sitting in my driveway. I made a few phone calls and got a few estimates to see how much it would cost to tow the car to the junkyard. City Towing gave the best price and were friendly from the beginning, showed up on time, and did a quick efficient job. I highly recommend City Towing.

Alex Wong – 6/20/2010: After having a horrible day my car broke down, on the verge of tears, I search towing on my blackberry and found City Towing. They promptly answered and within minutes were on there way. I was hysterical on the phone, and they were nothing but sweet and polite. After arriving very quickly, the driver was very comforting and reassured me everything was going to be OK. Thanks City Towing, without you who knows what I would of done.

Jason Botsworth – 4/2/2010: I’ve used City Towing many times in past years and i have to admit these guys are the best. They come highly recommended for a reason, there proficient, experienced and a pleasure to work with. I’ve called them in stressful situations and haven’t always been an easy customer to deal with, yet time and time again, the drivers understand and do everything in there power to help.