Towing Your Own Vehicle – Should You Do It?

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October 20, 2017
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Do-it-yourself is a popular and trending norm in many aspects of life. This includes towing vehicles. Towing vehicles by yourself is possible with the right equipment and experience, however without the right aptitude and equipment, performing such tasks could be dangerous. Here we shall discuss what to look out for in a DIY towing situation.

The Targeted Vehicle; What to be towed?

Firstly you should identify the vehicle you want to tow, as well as its features. Do you have the information regarding the weight of the vehicle? This is important and will later help you to find out exactly the type of towing vehicle you will need. The concept can be simple; if you want to tow an RV, you will definitely need a powerful one. When you want to tow a relatively smaller car such, the requirement will be relatively smaller.

Automatic or Manual

Some people are confused to whether they need an automatic or manual towing vehicle. The answer can be simple; manual vehicles should be employed to tow smaller cars and vehicles. Whereas for heavier vehicles you will want to opt for an automatic one.


People believe they can empoy any type of vehicle they have for towing. The truth is that it is unwise to do so, or can even be illegal. There are regulations and laws which prohibits passenger cars to tow heavy carriage. If you wish to be within the scope of law, you may prefer a 4-wheel-drive vehicle. These vehicles can prove to be more capable than other alternatives.

Be Alert and Cautious

One key point to note is that when towing another vehicle, the amount of pressure it will exert on the towing vehicle. Be aware of possible consequences. Also, take note of the Towing Capacity and Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR). The towing capacity of different vehicles is specified by in the manual of respective vehicle manufacturers. Another guideline to note is the Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) of vehicles; they are specific weight spelled out by manufacturers to be the maximum weight of a loaded tow vehicle. One should never exceed the listed GCWR when towing. Also, maintenance needs to be done regularly for towing vehicles that are used often.

Information Regarding Warranty

Your vehicle may still be under a warranty if it is fairly new. It may be of your best interest to maintain the validity of it. Although there may be specifics to different cases, using a vehicle to tow another may void the warranty. If you do not want such warranty to be voided this way, it is better off calling a towing company.

Be aware of possible Hazards or Injuries

When a person is not trained in towing and attempt to do so with makeshift tow truck tools and equipment, the chances of getting injured is much higher. Self-towing poses potential hazards to inflicting injuries to both the people towing and the passengers or drivers near them. Not forgetting mistakes may happen when an untrained person try to lift or unload the towed vehicles at final destinations.

In Summary

To conclude, trying to perform towing on your own can be rewarding experience. On the other hand, if done incorrectly the situation may be hazardous. Should you have any doubts, you are advised to hire a professional towing service provider. Even though it may cost you some money, but the benefit may prove much worthwhile if it can save you a lot less trouble.

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